Corin Marovick

Headmaster of Whitehaven


Strength d6
Agility d6
Smarts d12
Spirit d10
Vigor d8

PP 100

Can cast any spell as needed. Prefers Illusions, Enchantments, and other subtle and elegant magic. But he can also blow crap up good.


Corin Marovick is, according to all available records, the oldest living wizard on earth. He is a reclusive man of great power, who emerged from semi-retirement to take the position of headmaster for Whitehaven Academy. He was a close friend of Newton and Einstein, and rumors abound that he was Merlin’s first and greatest apprentice, but the soft spoken man offers little information about his past. Many believe he was the natural choice to lead the Council of Magisters in governing Aetheria, but he insisted that he was only interested in serving as the academy’s headmaster, to pass on what he knows of magic to a new generation of wizards.

Marovick is a master Illusionist with a ready laugh and, when provoked, a violent temper. He is rumored to have a habit of walking the grounds of the Academy in a variety of disguises and alter egos, keeping a finger on the school’s pulse. He often dispenses advice, and even rewards or punishes students and even Instructors based on what he witnesses when others think no one with authority is watching.

He appears to be in his mid forties, and speaks with an Irish accent, but who knows what his true appearance and heritage actually are.

Corin Marovick

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