Whitehaven Academy Instructors


Instructors are to be referred to as Master or Mistress. All attributes at d6, one at d8, prime at d10.

Dert – Male Dryad, teaches potions and alchemy.

Constance Everheart – British, born in 1901, but appears 40. Very proper, with a wild streak. Teaches sigils and runes. Arcanist.

Duke Oslo von Brandia – German aristocrat, cold and uppercrust. Dislikes students and teaching. Secret: he serves as an instructor as a sort of community service for an unknown magical infraction of some kind. Teaches arcane defense.

Sunbeam Moonshine – Fae sorceress. Classic elven stereotype. Teaches illusions and enchantments. Secret: actually a middle aged gnome illusionist named Poppin Bumbletumber.

Griswald – ancient wizard (at least 900 years old). Stooped, slow moving, slow speaking. Secretly immensely powerful, but appears very frail. Teaches arcane history of the world.



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