The players' fellow students


All attributes d6, prime spellcasting attribute d8

Kevin – Annapolis, 14, frail and timid, in a wheelchair. An enthusiastic magic lover, knows a surprising amount of information about the school and instructors. Definitely a coward, but spunky. Secret: Actually Headmaster Marovick in disguise.

Kiko – Korean, 14, short and fiery. Black hair with streaks of bright color. Loves junk food. Illusionist.

Ivanka – Russian, 17, tall and blonde. From a Paragon family. Snobby brat, but prefers any magic user over mundanes. Conjuror.

Sven – Norwegian, 19, tall and blonde. Strong silent type. Empath, but embarrassed about it, so tries to use flashy fire spells.

Diego Felipe – Colombian, 16, short, wiry, streetsmart. Practical survivor. Grew up on the streets, but his gift has opened the chance for a different life. Illusionist.

Colin and Angela Cranston – New Haven, 18, redhead twins. Parents are Yale professors. Were just about to graduate Exeter. Don’t want to be here. Arcanists.

Carissa – Australian, 15, Brunette. Hippy surfer, reveres Gaia and thinks her powers are to help her protect the planet. Water Elementalist.



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