Victor Cervas

Fanatical, charismatic leader of Purity First



Major = Vow (Destroy those who killed his family)
Minor = Delusional (Magic is an aberration/sinful)
Minor = Big Mouth
Edge = Fanatical Leader (Charisma +1)

Smarts d6
Agility d10
Spirit d6
Vigor d6
Strength d6

Shooting d10
Fighting d6
Knowledge (Explosives) d8
Knowledge (Arcana) d4
Intimidation d6
Notice d6
Stealth d6
Throwing d4

Spells: Blast (custom)
An explosion of crackling purple energy, centered on Victor. Can only be triggered when he becomes very angry, or takes 2 wounds. After this blast, the players can talk him down if they try.

Kevlar Vest $250: 2/4, negates 4AP
M-16 $400: 2d8, RoF 3, 30, AP 2, Auto, 3RB
Night Vision Goggles:
Frag Grenade: 5/10/20, 3d6, Medium Burst
Flashbang: 5/10/20, Blinded for 2 rounds, Small Burst

Purity First Soldiers

Agility d8
Spirit d6
Vigor d8
Strength d6
Smarts d4

Shooting d6
Fighting d6
Notice d6

Flak Jacket: 2/4
Night Vision Goggles
MP5s: 12/24, 2d6, 30, AP1, Auto


Victor is fanatically devoted to “turning back the tide” of magic in the world. He is very religious, and believes that the appearance of magic is a sign of the end times, and an abomination against God.

Secret – he has a wild magical gift himself. When Aetherian agents came to collect him for training, he resisted, and his wife and son were killed in an uncontrolled magical explosion he triggered accidentally. He refuses to acknowledge his abilities, and has convinced himself that wizards killed his family, vowing revenge in order to make the world save for “true humans”.

Victor Cervas

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