Possible Campaign Plot Threads

1. Orientation of Doom! A series of challenges and obstacles to test their abilities (and introduce them to the game rules).
– Initial adventure will be the school’s orientation process, which will serve as both a fun obstacle course kind of thing, and a tutorial to teach them how everything works. They’ll be taken on a tour by a senior student, introduced to several important characters and locations, and introduced to core game mechanics. Not too long into the Orientation process, all hell breaks loose as the school is attacked by Purity First, an anti-magic terrorist group lead by Victor Cervas. The students must avoid capture (or not, hehe), and work together to stop Victor’s plan to detonate a VERY nasty bomb and destroy the school.

2. A group of shapeshifters infiltrates the academy to assassinate the Headmaster and begins replacing instructors or students.

3. An instructor leads a field project to explore a recently unearthed ancient ruin of some kind hidden beneath the ice. Atlantis? An ancient evil unleashed?

4. The students are hired by a Mundane corporation to solve a case of magical corporate espionage and recover valuable data.

Possible Campaign Plot Threads

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