Whitehaven Academy

A campus magically carved out of ice and snow. Within the grounds, it progresses through all four seasons and has a wide range of terrains and zones which are magically linked to points across the globe. More to follow.

Student Demographics:

- Whitehaven students range from 13 to 21.

- The school is structured much like a traditional high school, except that incoming students are not uniformly “freshmen”, due to the unpredictable nature of recognizing “The Gift”. Incoming students live in a dorm with other students of their age, but each individual student is assigned their own “grade” rank based on their personal magical aptitude and familiarity with arcane theory and fundamentals. A student is passed on to the next grade if they successfully complete their examination at the end of each year.

- Students are drawn from all social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. Students are not charged tuition, and personal wealth has little meaning on campus, although there is a store which sells magical and mundane necessities. Upon gradation, students owe the academy a term of service as magical professionals equal to the term of their enrollment. Given the high price that licensed wizards command, the school is rarely short of funds.

Campus Grounds:

- When viewed from the outside, Whitehaven Academy is a towering collection of icy domes and spires dominating a great glacial platue, secured behind a massive crystalline wall of semi-transparent ice dozens of feet high. To enter the academy grounds, one must pass through the main gate while wearing their academy pin. Otherwise the uninvited visitor will simply find themselves exploring an empty ice castle. Students and other invited guests issues passes, however, will emerge into the school’s pocket plane, a temperate zone with carefully controlled weather, that is much larger than the building’s grounds appears from the outside.

- The main campus is a very Oxford English kind of place. Beautiful old stone buildings, grass, parks, trees, streams and lakes, etc. All of the dorms, lecture halls, laboratories, dining halls, etc are contained on the main campus. It is very large, with several major areas, but its size seems to fluctuate over time, with new areas appearing and old ones disappearing, sometimes with little warning.

  • Campus Facilities:

- The Quad:

- The Hall of Worlds: The Hall of Worlds is the grand hall of the academy, and also contains the administrative and faculty offices. The Hall is ringed by a series of portals, each of which leads to a different type of climate zone (desert, mountain, jungle, etc). A wizard can then open gates to similar climates anywhere in the world from within one of the zones, so the Hall often serves as the point of arrival for students and visitors.

- The Radford Laboratory (Alchemy):

- Dorms: Pegwin, Serpis, Constance, Armaden

- Due to the large size, and frequently altered layout, of the academy grounds, many instructors (and some students) have established “Doors” linking various parts of the campus together. Some of these Doors are official, and frequently used (each dorm building has one leading to the dining hall, for example), but many are unsanctioned Doors created for private use. Private Doors often remain behind after their creator has died, graduated, or otherwise moved on. Doors typically require some sort of activation charm, key, word, or ritual to utilize. All Instructor’s residences are hidden behind doors that normally open onto closets or empty hallways.

  • Societies and Organizations:

- (Honors)
- Applied Apparatus Association (Golem Construction)
- The Follies: Secret Society of Practical Jokes and Pranksters

Whitehaven Academy

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